• Tandoori Chicken Puree

    Tandoori Chicken Puree
  • Vegetable Platter

    Vegetable Platter
    Vegetable Samosa,onion bhajee and mushroom pakora
  • Chicken Strippers

    Chicken Strippers
    8pcs of Chicken pieces coated in crispy bread crumbs
  • Chicken Mix

    Chicken Mix
    4pcs of Chicken Strippers and 4 pcs of Chicken Wings
  • Tandoori Mix Kebab

    Tandoori Mix Kebab
    Chicken Tikka,Lamb Tikka and Sheek Kebab
  • Mixed Vegetables Curry

    Mixed Vegetables Curry
  • 4pcs Chicken

    4pcs Chicken
  • Chicken Tikka Wrap

    Chicken Tikka Wrap
    Chicken Tikka Wrap in Nan Bread
  • King Prawn on Puree

    King Prawn on Puree
    Lightly Spiced King Prawn,Served with puree
  • Fish Cod and Chips

    Fish Cod and Chips
  • Balti

    Traditional Indian dishes cooked with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, peppers, coriander & a fine blend of aromatic ground herbs & spices
  • Rogan Josh

    Rogan Josh
    A medium strength spicy dish cooked with onions, peppers & coriander. Garnished with freshly chopped tomatoes & cashew nuts Medium strength
  • Korma

    A mild strength dish in a rich creamy sauce with ground sultana & coconut Mild strength
  • Bhuna

    A medium strength spicy dish cooked in a rich thick sauce with freshly chopped onions, peppers & spiced with fresh herbs Medium strength
  • Dopiaza

    A medium strength spicy dish garnished with freshly chopped onions, peppers & spiced with fresh herbs Medium strength
  • Jalfrezi

    A rich & hot spicy dish cooked with chopped capsicum, onions, green chillies, herbs & spices Hot spicy
  • Pathia

    A dish cooked with freshly chopped onions & tomato paste in a sweet & sour sauce
  • Sagwala

    A spicy dish cooked with different herbs & lots of fresh spinach Spicy
  • Dhansak

    A fairly hot dish cooked with lentils & pineapple, with a sweet & sour taste Fairly hot
  • Malayan

    A preparation of mild spices in which cream, pineapple are used to create a unique flavour. Suitable for ones who prefer a medium to mild dish
  • Chicken Tikka Kebab

    Chicken Tikka Kebab
  • Prawn Curry

    Prawn Curry
  • Lamb Curry

    Lamb Curry
  • Doner and Chicken Tikka

    Doner and Chicken Tikka
  • Doner and Sheek Kebab

    Doner and Sheek Kebab
  • Doner and Tandoori Chicken

    Doner and Tandoori Chicken
  • 5pcs Chicken

    5pcs Chicken
  • Naga Doner Kebab

    Naga Doner Kebab
  • Lamb Tikka Curry

    Lamb Tikka Curry
  • Amico (Hot)

    Amico (Hot)
    A Spicy taste of jalapenos,peppers,beef,onion and fresh green chilli
  • Roma

    Salami, Garlic Sausage, Chicken and Green Peppers
  • Shahran (Veg)

    Shahran (Veg)
    Mushroom,Red Onions, Pepper,Sweetcorn and Garlic
  • Tuna

    Another tasty favourite with a new recipe cheddar, tomato sauce and tuna
  • Chicken Tikka (Main)

    Chicken Tikka (Main)
  • Sheek Kebab (Main)

    Sheek Kebab (Main)
  • Tandoori Chicken (Main)

    Tandoori Chicken (Main)
  • Chicken Curry

    Chicken Curry
  • Beef Curry

    Beef Curry
  • Mixed Vegetable Biryani

    Mixed Vegetable Biryani
  • Chicken Tikka Curry

    Chicken Tikka Curry
  • Beef Tikka Curry

    Beef Tikka Curry
  • BBQ Pizza

    BBQ Pizza
    BBQ Chicken, Red Onion,Mushrooms and BBQ Sausage
  • A Meaty Feast

    A Meaty Feast
    Cheese,Pepperoni,Ham,Beef, and Chicken
  • Bianca

    A Special creamy Italian sauce with chicken, Red Onions and Mushrooms
  • Mama Mia

    Mama Mia
    An Italian traditional pizza with beef, chicken and sweetcorn
  • Calzone (Folded)

    Calzone (Folded)
  • Calzone (Normal)

    Calzone (Normal)
  • Pepperoni

    Mozzarella,Cheddar,Tomato Sauce and Pepperoni
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